e-Birdhouse construction


As part of my NSF postdoctoral fellowship, I’m collaborating with IU Professor of Science Education Dr. Adam Maltese and undergraduate Dmitrii Galantsev to use e-Birdhouses for backyard bird education. These nestboxes use sensors and microcontrollers to collect environmental and behavioral data from wild birds at local Indiana schools.


Birds Battle for Boxes!


We had a blast at IU’s annual Science Fest this year, where members of the Rosvall lab introduced the next generation of scientists to female competition in tree swallows with the board game “Birds Battle for Boxes”



In Derryberry Lab tradition, I created an interpretive dance for my dissertation defense. What a creative challenge to translate science for the public! Here we perform for KnoxPod’s Taste of Science, a 500 Women Scientists fundraiser for Ciencia Puerto Rico.


Polyandry in Panama: The Play

During my field seasons in Panama there are many opportunities to engage with local students and community members. I love presenting my jacana research both through formal seminars and informal, backyard (farmyard!) demonstrations.

Wagibler Aves talk 2 IMG_2955_2

Left: Seminar with Wagibler Aves, an ecotourism education program for Kuna students Right: Banding jacanas on a rice farm in Chiriqui, Panama


Each semester, middle school girls from all over Louisiana come to Girls in STEM at Tulane (GiST). The Derryberry lab’s workshop “A Little Birdie Told Me” focuses on local bird identification, using binoculars, and recording and analyzing bird songs.


All eyes on a northern mockingbird

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